Attitudes Toward The Use Of Contraception Must Change

When you have sex for self-gratification, without the use of birth control or thought of the consequences, how do you say to the life resulting from lust; “it is my body and I have the right to abortion.

If you believe what is in your womb is not a baby, I must question where you came from and how you came to be on this earth, because it obviously was not from the womb. You could not have developed for nine months and entered this world through the womb and claim what is growing there is not a baby, or will soon become one.

Abortion is not a right it is state sanctioned murder. Failing to use birth control and ignoring the result is deplorable. I understand, you may view this paragraph as harsh or unwarranted, but with the availability of free contraception and purchase of condoms over the counter, is there really a reason to get pregnant. Yes, it takes two to mingle and the responsibility resides with both individuals. The amount of babies aborted annually is staggering and most could be avoided if partners used the proper contraception. The following does not include abortions related to the life of the mother, rape, or incest.

Abortions Performed In The US And The World

US since 1973: Roe vs Wade 59,712,666 or 41% of The World

By Planned Parenthood since 1970 7,620,606 or about 13%

Black babies since ’73 in US 17,913,799 or about 30%

Worldwide since 1980 1,441,389,595

3rd Trimester abortions are currently about 18,000, most are healthy and most are frequently aborted because the father left, there is no job or a lost job, or something similar. Notably, approximately 30% of these abortions are Black and Planned Parenthood performed 13%.

I am not against abortion as necessary to save a life or attempt to spare extreme future mental illness because of criminal activity. I simply believe the amount of abortions done, must be reduced. The following poem, written several years ago, makes it plain the attitude and support for abortion today.

I am the result of the wrong time
conceived in a moment of passion
two wine soaked minds
upon a fertile field
each combined

In early morn
each to their own way
unknown to either
when their passion died
new life arrived

Too soon discovered
both agreed
it was a mistake
easily fixed
neither could wait

I will never know my father
or loving arms
to hold me near
I have been given a death sentence
with no appeal
or prospect for a stay

I will be aborted
and flushed away
soon to be forgotten
no one to care
no one to wish me
Happy Birthday

Attitudes toward the use of contraception must change, attitudes toward abortion must change, The legal definition of life must change, and you must be willing to change your belief to say, “It is my body and I have the power to prevent conception and to just say no to abortion.”

I am not going to change attitudes or save one child from the horrible death of abortion. I will make you think, and tell you, you were one breath away from being an abortion. You were one breath away from having a trocar rip you to pieces. You were one breath away from being a baby. If your heart had not sustained you for nine months and you mother had not loved you, there would be no you.

I wish you a Happy Birthday.

“No matter what you write, someone will love it.”

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